Where there is a will, there is a way.


Have you ever said that? And how often do you say that? Coz, this can change your life...

There was a time I went through a hell of criticism for being Edwin Ngwane. Me. I started feeling I was the worst person that has ever lived. It was the worst part of my life and it was for long period of time.

But then I asked myself, “why am I stressing over other peoples opinions? Who's hotter than me? Why does it bother me? Coz I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

Immediately I realized that the more I put my mind on people’s criticisms, the worst I became. I started living other peoples fears and insecurities. I lost confidence, became over cautious, made more mistakes and just lost the person I am… Edwin Ngwane. The great guy...

Then I just said no way! It has to stop. If you don’t like me, go away. And guess what? I had to put a post in front of my office desk that read “I am the best in the world”. I got cocky...

Some people laughed off and others disagreed right in front of me, yet I didn’t care. Same old critics who want you to focus on the negative side of life. Your weaknesses might be your strengths sometimes (I will share a post on this).

First, the reason I didn’t care and still don’t care even when other people disagree is that most people who think I am not the best in the world are far from greatness themselves. And they think am not best because they are not! And that’s not my problem… If you are the best, you will probably agree with me.

Secondly, I tell myself how great I am for my own benefit. Because I am my own worst critic and other people just amplify my own hidden criticisms. It feels great to know you got your back…

Lastly, the moment I believed that I was the best in the world, I started acting like that way in everything I did. I started to walk, talk, look, work, do things and approach life like the Best in the World. I became phenomenal… I became so good. I started grinding great things out of life.

One thing for sure is that I am the world’s greatest and it’s good for me to think that way. I am the Captain of my life and no one can do a better job at making my life better than me. I am Special. And I got a great head on top of my neck.

How can I not be THE BEST IN THE WORLD?

I believe each every one of us is the best person the world had never seen. The world only exists because of you. Without you, there isn’t a world. You are not better than another human being but best in the world. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are the best in the world!!! Believe it and see how your life will change. It will manifest in how you do things and everything will become great. Don’t compete! Competition is for average people. Dominate your space and be the best at whatever you do.

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